Mounting a NFS target

First of all, we need to install the basic dependencies: sudo apt install nfs-common -y Then we can list all available NFS tar

Fix Unresponsive PVE Cluster Node

If a Proxmox node in the PVE cluster shows the unknown status (greyed out ?) as well as all the VMs of that node. We can resta

Redirect Ports using IPTables

In order to redirect ports, we need to add our rules in PREROUTING chain. So run below command: [[email protected] ~]# ipt

Port-Forward using IPTables

First of all, we need to check if port forwarding is enabled or not on our server. For better understanding, we will be using

Updates and Firmware Upgrades

First of all setup eamil alerts to be sent regarding the new available updates: /tool e-mail set

Automated Backups

It is useful to have both textual and binary backups since the textual backup (without sensitive data, such as passwords) can

Multiple SSID with CAPsMAN

Pre-requisites The ports on the switches where the APs are to be connected, should be configured with the following VLANs: VLA

Setting up cAP

Requirements are to have two WiFi networks, one with SSID HOME and connected to the HOME VLAN (6), and a guest WiFI network, w


Installing First, install fail2ban from the Ubuntu repository: sudo apt update sudo apt install fail2ban Configuring The defau

Service Check

This script is to check if a service is running. If not, restart it and send an email. First of make a file and give it “